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Wabash Valley Power Association
Contact: Brian Anderson
722 North High School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Phone: 317-243-6416


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Wabash Valley Power is a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric cooperative serving 23-member distribution co-ops in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri – who power more than 311,000 homes, schools and businesses.


RELIABLE POWER – Our distribution co-ops work with peers across the transmission grid to ensure reliability and security, making sure we can respond to outages quickly and efficiently.

Beaufort County MapCOMPETITIVE RATES – The price you pay for wholesale electricity is related directly to your facility and not blended throughout the system. This unique approach gives our member companies and their corporate energy managers enhanced control over their electricity costs, which includes the ability to hedge future costs on a near-time basis and, if they choose, manage their usage based on real time price signals.

RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE – We make and transmit the electricity from the power plants; our member co-ops bring it home and provide the great service to their communities.

INCENTIVES – Great local service, special economic development rates, energy-efficiency incentives, and business new construction.

THE TEAM – Start with an economic development staff ready to help you find the perfect shovel-ready site or building for your business and connect you with the other resources you need. Add 23 distribution co-op CEOs and all the great people who work for them – people who know their local communities and can help give you a first-hand understanding of the economics, the infrastructure, the labor markets – everything that can help you get down to business faster here. Put us together, and we’re one big team that’s totally committed to your success. We want you here – and we’re ready to get down to business right now.


EXPERTISE AGRIBUSINESS – Electric cooperatives like ours arose to provide electricity to some of the most remote areas in the country, and that’s given us special insight into serving the agriculture industry. And because we are member-owned cooperatives, our primary goal is to provide reliable electricity at an affordable cost. That means being innovative, driven to improve, and focused on the needs of our members.
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BIOMEDICAL – You might not expect the middle of the American Heartland to be a hotbed of biomedical research and development. But consider our proximity to some of America’s leading medical schools and research universities, including Purdue University, Indiana University, Northwestern University, University of Illinois, and Washington University (St. Louis), and you’ll understand why some of the industry’s most forward-thinking biomedical minds are at home in the Wabash Valley Power territory.

LOGISTICS – Start with where we are, which is right where you want to be: in the heart of America, crisscrossed by interstate highways, close to some of America’s busiest, best, easiest-to-manage international airports (and rail and marine). Add our workforce with a history of expertise in warehousing, wholesaling, and logistics. Then bring your member-owned electric company into the mix – just like companies including Amazon and Walmart did. Explore our economic development rates, energy-efficiency programs, and other incentives, and we think you’ll find your place in the world here.

MANUFACTURING – The future looks bright for manufacturers throughout our territory, especially when it comes to smart electric consumption. Through the rebates and incentives offered by our POWER MOVES® program, we’re making it easy to be energy efficient. It means big savings up front, and more savings on your energy bills for years to come.


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