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Switzerland County EDC
Contact: Jon Bond
P.O. Box 192
Vevay, IN 47093
Phone: 812-417-9100

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Switzerland County History

Swiss immigrants, for whom the area is named, and who established the first commercial vineyard and winery in the U.S., in the nineteenth century, formally organized Switzerland County in 1814. Prominent families included the Dufour brothers, who laid out the town of Vevay after its purchase in 1802. Because so many of the original buildings exist today, the entire town of Vevay is listed on the Indiana State Historic Register.

Many changes have occurred over the last two hundred years, including a pronounced shift from agribusiness to service-based industries. Situated along the Ohio River Scenic Route, the County enjoys a history and natural beauty that has made it a popular tourist destination. The County's tourist market has seen a dramatic increase in recent years with the construction of the Belterra Casino Resort and Spa and the nearby Kentucky Speedway.

Advantages for Future Growth

Switzerland County PictureSwitzerland County EDC MapSwitzerland County, home to nearly 10,000 residents in 2005, has experienced growth of over 17% in recent years, among the highest in Indiana. The county also reaches beyond its borders to draw employees from surrounding counties as well as neighboring states, Ohio and Kentucky. The regional population of nearly 200,000 increases the available workforce more than twenty-fold.

The community has consistently invested in modern infrastructure and services. Recent examples include ongoing highway improvements and a $7 million dollar upgrade underway by the Patriot Water Company. The community has also invested in quality of life improvements. The Switzerland County Medical Center and County YMCA are just two instances of community investment that make Switzerland County a great place to live.

Accessibility and affordability, combined with a lifestyle that combines rural charm with metropolitan amenities, add to the area's appeal.

Our Workforce

Switzerland County EDC IndustryAt the Switzerland County Economic Development Corporation, we know the long-term success of our community’s enterprises rests with the quality of our regional workforce.

Personnel expenditures often represent the largest recurring costs of a business. That’s why successful businesses view their workforce in strategic, competitive terms. Whether the need is top-performing sales representatives, a superior customer-service staff, an innovative research and development team, or skilled, quality-conscious machine operators, we understand the importance of talent to every business in the Switzerland County region.

Located less than one hour from the Cincinnati metropolitan area allows Switzerland County businesses to draw their talent from a population base of over two million people. The diversity of the regional economy, from nine Fortune 500 companies to thousands of family-owned small businesses, from the nation’s largest stainless steel producer to the second-largest hotel in the state of Indiana, means that our residents have experience and skills in a variety of enterprises.

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