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City of Strongsville
Dept. of ED

Contact: Brent Painter
16099 Foltz Pkwy
Strongsville, OH 44149
Phone: 440-580-3118

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Strongsville is a community that has produced significant economic progress in its recent history, growing from a small village rooted in agriculture into a thriving City of nearly 50,000 residents and a productive and diverse industrial and commercial base.

Strongsville is a city that has always moved forward with industry and community development while at the same time maintaining a development plan that sustains a comfortable atmosphere where historic landmarks and neighborhoods are respected and blended aesthetically with industry and business.

The City of Strongsville is dedicated to promoting growth and development within the city's industrial community with a "business friendly" approach designed to retain, consult, and attract businesses of all sizes.

This approach has resulted in a diverse and successful industrial base consisting of four industrial parks, positioned on over 2,000 acres of land. Nearly two hundred businesses, attracted by Strongsville's strategic location, local resources, incentive packages, and superior amenities, have populated the land within and surrounding the industrial parks.

With the efforts and support of Mayor Thomas Perciak, the Economic Development Department has adopted a proactive attitude dedicated to creating a business friendly environment within the City boundaries.



Strongsville is easily accessible by interstate roadways from the north, south, east or west. The interstate system intersects Strongsville with I-71 and I-80, the Ohio Turnpike. Via the local interstate system, other major areas in the county can be reached in 20-30 minutes. I-480 is just 5 miles to the north, I-77 is 5 miles to the east and I-90 is 15 miles to the north. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is 10 minutes north on I-71. CSX rail services two business parks. All major freight carriers service the City’s industrial and business parks. The Port of Cleveland is the world gateway for overseas shipping. RTA bus service is also available to all four business parks. Local accessibility and connectivity to the interstate system has been improved with the widening of SR 82 from I-71 to the county line. Access and mobility is further enhanced by the reconstruction of numerous residential and arterial roadways annually.


Reliable utilities, especially phone service, will enable maximum “up time” for your facility. Highly reliable electric and gas service complement the water and sewer service provided through the City. Digital telephone switching, ISDN service and fiber optic distribution ensure unsurpassed internal and external communication continuity and speed.

stronsville business parkPro-Business Climate

The City of Strongsville is truly a pro-business environment with a Moody’s bond rating of Aaa and local officials with the background and expertise needed for strong economic growth. A High Tech/Manufacturing survey sent to all companies within the City's four business parks in 2011 indicated that 100% of respondents would recommend Strongsville to another business, while 95% rated the quality of life in Strongsville as excellent or good.

The City of Strongsville hosts quarterly Business Network Meetings created to help foster a positive relationship between local businesses and the City. The City also maintains a blast email system that is utilized to notify companies of local activities, including road construction schedules, business opportunities, and community events.

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