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San Angelo Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Michael Looney
418 West Ave B
San Angelo, TX 76903
Phone: 325-658-4136

San Angelo Chamber of Commerce


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San Angelo, Texas picture

San Angelo lies in the midst of West Texas ranching country almost in the center of Texas and is home to about 100,000 friendly people. A virtual oasis, San Angelo is home to three lakes, as well as the beautiful Concho River which runs through the heart of the city.

San Angelo was established across the river from Historic Fort Concho, a fort that served as headquarters for the 4th and 10th Cavalry and 16th Infantry. The settlement was originally named "Santa Angela" in honor of Carolina Angela de la Garza DeWitt, the deceased wife of the city's founder Bart J. DeWitt, a merchant and businessman. The name was later changed to San Angelo.

Today's San Angelo offers a delightful mixture of arts and culture of West Texas, from a sophisticated symphony that showcases artists such as the Vienna Choir Boys to Country Western, from a Civic Ballet whose students regularly earn spots at top national dance academies to the Folk Dances of Mexico. You can enjoy live theater at the state's longest running theatre, The Angelo Civic Theatre and on the Angelo State University campus. The Old Chicken Farm Art Center displays works by visual artists of all media, and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, a world-class museum that received the prestigious National Museum Service Award, houses continually changing exhibits by artists from Texas and around the world. And, then there are our other treasures, our artistic alleys, historic murals, internationally acclaimed waterlilies and the Concho Pearls, found in freshwater mussels unique to this area.

Businesses here miss out on a lot

Like traffic, red tape, and high costs.

We hope you will learn what other companies have discovered about San Angelo, Texas - it is one of their most profitable locations. With quality of life that attracts and retains employees, a competitive wage structure, higher educational attainment and enrollment, and a cost of living 12% below the national average; San Angelo provides a preferred location for your company.

San Angelo’s public and private sectors work together to help create an atmosphere for new job creation. The Economic Development Division of the Chamber of Commerce provides assistance for site location services and referrals:

  • Site & Building Searches
  • Labor Market Analysis
  • Small Business Assistance Referrals
  • Development of Incentive Packages
  • Employee Recruitment & Training Programs
  • Construction Permitting Assistance

San AngeloMajor Economic Sectors

Over the past 10 years, San Angelo has seen a transition in its economy from manufacturing into more business and personal services. While we still have major manufacturers in steel fabrication and medical devices, plus a number of smaller manufacturing operations, recent long-term growth sectors have included education and healthcare, trade/transportation/utilities, leisure and hospitality and the business service sector.

The health sector dominates this category with two growing health care systems and other facilities providing long-term care, and specialized healthcare services. Over 3,000 people work in the health care sector in San Angelo.

This sector and the positive trend is driven by an ever-increasing trade sector. From 2003 through 2005, 11 major national retail chain stores opened or broke ground in West San Angelo. $46,000,000 in new construction has occurred. Retail trade is expected to continue to grow with the completion of major national stores like Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Home Depot, Michaels, Academy Sports, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kirklands and others.

Leisure and Hospitality
With the passage of the 1/2 cent sales tax for business and tourism development in 1999, visitors to the city have enjoyed the new venues created with the tax. Additionally, Angelo State University built the multi-purpose Junell Center, and professional sports came to San Angelo. Since 2003, there have been numerous new hotels and new restaurants built.

Business Services/Information
At the time that San Angelo was suffering declines in manufacturing, these sectors have added thousands of new jobs. In 1995-96, SITEL Corporation built their largest call center in the world in San Angelo at 1,500 employees. BlueCross BlueShield of Texas added 500 new medical claims processing jobs in 1998-99. In late 2002, DCS, Inc. announced that they would be adding 400 public debt collection jobs in San Angelo. In 2005, Verizon announced a 250 employee expansion in San Angelo. During this decade, two data recovery centers were established in San Angelo by a national insurance/investment company, and the State of Texas. San Angelo has double the state average of information technology jobs. Angelo State University’s Computer Science Department is a critical factor in this growth.

San Angelo is located in an important agricultural area – the Concho Valley. Cotton, sorghum, and wheat are major crops grown in this area. Livestock include cattle, sheep, and goats. San Angelo’s Producers Livestock Auction is the nation’s largest for sheep/lambs and among the top 5 for cattle auctions. Over 600 people work in the cattle and lamb meat processing industry, and hundreds more work in companies that directly support the agricultural businesses in the area – veterinary biological products, livestock trailers, feed and supplement manufacturers, wool and mohair processing, machine shops, fencing materials, windmills, saddles/boots, and many other products. Two agricultural research centers are located in the San Angelo area – Texas A&M and Angelo State University.

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