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Regional Growth Partnership
Contact: John Recker
300 Madison Ave, Ste. 270
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 419-252-2700


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Doing Business Here

Regional Growth Partnership MapWhy bring your business to Northwest Ohio? That is the one question – perhaps the only question – that needs answering. And for us, we’re happy to respond, because we have lots of good reasons.

For starters, the Northwest Ohio region offers the most ideal location for business in the United States. Nearly 100 million people live within a 10-hour drive. And with instant access to air, rail, major highways and a seaport, businesses in the Northwest Ohio region can readily operate in a global market.

The region carries a long and proud tradition for recognition of its trained and educated workforce. And when it comes to education, the Northwest Ohio region can boast of nearly 180,000 students enrolled at one of the area’s 49 colleges, universities, and post-secondary institutions located within an hour’s drive.

Northwest Ohio offers a unique blend of small-town values and mid-sized city opportunities. The region features world-class attractions along with a variety of entertainment options that take advantage of the rural mix and lakeshore setting.

But perhaps the best testimonial for bringing your business to the Northwest Ohio region can be made by existing companies that continue to invest and expand their operations. Our region is conducive to business growth and will do everything to help your company succeed.

Who We Are

Over the last several years, our region, which includes northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, has established national credibility for its research and innovation in various tech-related industries. At the same time, our educated and productive workforce has helped attract major investment in advanced manufacturing, creating and securing thousands of jobs. Such diversity in our local economy has effectively positioned our region to succeed in the knowledge – based market and global economy. In fact, the Regional Growth Partnership has recently opened a sales office in Shenzhen, China.

To best manage our economic transition in this global marketplace, the Regional Growth Partnership serves as the region’s lead economic development organization.

The Regional Growth Partnership is a privately led organization committed to meeting the needs of businesses, site consultants and corporate real estate professionals in a confidential, innovative and time-sensitive manner. Being a private economic development group allows the RGP to operate beyond political boundaries and also shields it from freedom of information requests on the part of media. We offer a full range of traditional business development services, working in collaboration with our partners across the region, all designed to expedite and simplify the site selection process. To help foster technology development, the RGP created a joint venture with the University of Toledo Innovation Enterprises, Rocket Ventures LLC. This enhanced program is intended to expand the reach and impact of entrepreneurial and technology development services in the region. All of these programs are supported through the RGP’s local and national marketing campaigns, designed to promote our regional strengths, assets and resources.

Through private sector leadership, the RGP is leading a transformation of our economy to one that is growing, more diverse and globally competitive. Developing this innovative business environment will accelerate the attraction, growth and creation of new business, helping carry our region to new heights.

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