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Penn’s Northeast
Contact: John L. Augustine
1151 Oak St
Pittston, PA 18640
Phone: 1-800-317-1313


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Welcome to Penn’s Northeast!

Penn's Northeast serves as Northeastern Pennsylvania's single point of contact for businesses looking to expand or relocate to our region. The goal of Penn's Northeast is to attract quality employers to Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania has some of the lowest labor costs, power and gas costs, land acquisition and construction costs, operating costs, and most importantly sales tax costs than most regions in the country!

Penn’s Northeast Assets:
  • A desirable geographic location and workforce!
  • Unparalleled Interstate highway and railway connectivity to east coast and pacific ports!
  • Operational cost advantages over surrounding states!
  • Over 25 colleges & universities with 40,000 enrolled!
  • A labor force that is skilled & reliable!
  • AMAZING quality of life & year round outdoor activities in a safe & family friendly region!

We’re only a two-hour drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, and within 500 miles of 80% of the nation's buying power. We are the Northeast’s interstate hub – the place where Interstates 80, 81, 84, and 476 meet.

Our skilled, reliable workforce has a national reputation for genuine quality and real value. The 40,000 students enrolled at our region’s twenty five colleges, universities, and community colleges are ready to provide the full range of skills your business needs.

We combine a remarkably low cost of living with an amazing quality of life: beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests; Pocono trails and ski slopes; dozens of golf courses; NASCAR racing, AHL hockey, and AAA baseball – making us the Mid-Atlantic’s mountain playground.

Location, Location, Location!

The Penn's Northeast Region is one of the most centrally located regions in the country. We’re just a short driving distance to most of the largest metropolitan areas in the country including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Boston.

The Interstate Hub

Five main interstates run directly through our region, making us the “Interstate Hub”. With our excellent interstate and highway access, more than 95 million US and Canadian consumers are just an overnight drive away.

Direct Access to the World

Our main airport, Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport is located in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Avoca, PA. From there, travelers can take direct flights to Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Newark, Orlando, Chicago and even the Bahamas!

Ports Galore

Northeastern Pennsylvania is a short drive to some of the largest port complexes in the United States.

A Keystone for Rail

Penn's Northeast has the huge benefit of a strong rail system. It’s easy to transport goods from state to state quickly and at affordable rates. It makes sense that many rail carriers use parts of our region as a keystone for rail transportation across the country.

Targeted Industries

Northeastern Pennsylvania has proven to be the perfect location for all different types of businesses. Call centers, production companies, research institutions and plenty other industries have already taken advantage of everything our region has to offer. NEPA has been consistently ranked as one of the best regions for the transportation and warehousing industry. It has also been noted that our region has remarkable potential for the advanced manufacturing sector as well as plastics manufacturing. Northeastern Pennsylvania’s close proximity to the Marcellus Shale formation ensures businesses are able to receive the largest volume of natural gas at the lowest price.

The Penn’s Northeast region, along with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, wants to make it easy for businesses to establish operation in our area. Local and state governments have created dozens of programs to help businesses not only find funding but also succeed after their doors open. Our region offers a wide range of tax credits, grants and loan opportunities that can assist almost every type of business, including tax exempt locations, credits for creating jobs, low interest loans and abatements to make building improvements.

The targeted industries listed below are those that the Penn’s Northeast Region is pursuing for recruitment, retention and expansion. These industries would benefit y locating their business here in every possible way.

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Plastics Manufacturing/Production
  • Data Centers

Living in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Living in Northeastern Pennsylvania includes the high quality of life and low cost of living that many can only dream of.

Our area is known for its marvelous outdoor setting and great sense of adventure. No matter your interests, the Penn’s Northeast region will keep you busy with hiking, boating or fishing, snowboarding, cheering at a rock concert and attending sporting events. You can also immerse yourself in our culture by visiting a local artist’s gallery showing, rediscovering history at a unique museum or dining at a fine restaurant.

Plus, the cost of living in the Penn’s Northeast region is much, much lower than other cities with just as much to explore, visit and entertain. You’ll never exhaust all the possibilities that the Penn’s Northeast region has to offer. Sperling's Best has consistently ranked our region as one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country.


Average wages, home costs and cost of living in Northeastern Pennsylvania can make it easy for you to see how affordable, yet enjoyable it is to live and work in our region. Business owners can see how much they’ll save opening a business in Northeastern Pennsylvania and relocated employees can learn how much further their salary will go in our region.


The Penn’s Northeast region knows how important education is for a strong region to become even more successful. Because of this, our education system prepares students above and beyond the country standard. We have over 25 higher educational institutions in our region including top ranked graduate and undergraduate universities, community colleges and medical colleges.

Add our location, our low cost of living, low cost of operating costs and our strong workforce and it's easy to see why so many businesses are expanding and moving to Northeastern Pennsylvania!

Visit www.pennsnortheast.com or call 1.800.317.1313 to learn more!


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