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Missoula Economic Partnership
Contact: James Grunke
2501 Catlin St, Ste. 2015
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-541-6461


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Nestled in the mountains of Western Montana is a small city of big opportunity. It is a place where tip-the-hat Western culture merges with vibrant cosmopolitan flair, a city at the threshold of wilderness, an intellectual and commercial hub where hard work and avid recreation serve as the balancing ethics of true prosperity.

We can tell you Missoula by the numbers, and the numbers are impressive. For a city of relatively small size, Missoula is home to a remarkably well-educated and skilled workforce. We boast robust commercial infrastructure, excellent transportation and shipping options, low utility rates, no sales tax, and a stable, diverse economy. We have some of the finest natural amenities in the world; yet it doesn’t cost a lot to live among them.

But anyone who has visited here knows that Missoula is much more than an aggregate of statistics. It is a true community, rich with character and culture. It is a great place to raise a family, a peaceful place to retire and an epic place to play.


Missoula is the regional hub for commerce and services in Western Montana, with 80 percent of workers employed in white-collar positions such as professional services, health care, business, management, financial operations and sales. Like nearly all of the United States, Missoula was hit hard by the 2008 recession. Since then, the local economy has stabilized, with the Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research showing modest growth in the county during 2012. Read the report here. Moreover, even accounting for the long recession, Montana was one of only six states to show better than 8 percent average annual job growth over a 10-year period ending in 2011. Find the U.S. Chamber report here.

The net result is that Missoula offers excellent, relatively stable professional opportunities for workers while providing employers with affordable talent.

Here you will find high-quality legal expertise (including highest-rated lawyers specializing in public finance, corporate and securities law; transactional work; and mergers and acquisitions), accounting and tax planning, finance and banking, and health care. From a foundation built by Providence St. Patrick Hospital and Community Medical Center, Missoula offers the full range of primary and ancillary medical services — in addition to a growing business cluster of bioscience / medical research, manufacturing and related support services.

For workers in Missoula County, median household income 2008-2012 was $44,653, compared to a national median of $51,371. The Missoula unemployment rate has consistently held lower than the national rate over the past decade, with 5.2 percent of Missoula residents unemployed in October 2013 (the national rate that month was 7 percent).

Educational, health and social services are Missoula’s top employment sectors at 27 percent. Manufacturing, wholesale trade and construction make up approximately 13 percent of employment.


The Missoula Economic Partnership works to foster business diversity, sustainability and job development across industries in the Missoula area. We are here to help any entrepreneur, executive or investor who knocks on our door, directing them to the resources they need.

However, our recruitment efforts primarily target businesses in a few key industry sectors that would not only draw capital and create jobs, but also befit our community’s human, environmental and cultural assets and values. Our focus on these sectors reflects extensive analysis of Missoula’s sector-specific assets including available labor, geographical location, infrastructure and other elements.

These sectors include:

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