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Lewis County EDC
Contact: Matt Matayoshi
1611 N National Ave
Chehalis, WA 98532
Phone: 360-748-0114


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About Lewis County

The Lewis County Economic Development Council is actively involved in working to ensure the success of local business. Since its inception, the EDC has worked with over eighty firms that have located here. The companies are responsible for providing over 2,300 jobs to our community. In addition, we have worked with over 250 local firms, helping them to expand or strengthen their operations. Finally, the EDC has worked with our many partners on helping to solve transportation, utility, and regulatory problems. EDC partners include over 300 business members plus local government, education, and other community based groups.


Lewis County provides good opportunities for companies looking for an area where the community is still committed to the success of your firm. Employees work to ensure company success and local government is committed to help. Wages, utility rates, taxes, and other operating costs are some of the most competitive along the I-5 Corridor. We are located at the exact center of the northwest marketplace. Contact Us! The Economic Development Council will work hard to provide the support you need.


  • Healthcare - Providence Centralia Hospital a non-profit organization which employs 800 people. Providences’ teams are trained in lymphedema therapy, neurological therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric therapy, speech therapy, wound care, oncology, and chemotherapy. In addition, their diagnostic imaging services include: breast specific gamma imaging, bone density screenings, CT-Scans, X-Rays, digital mammograms, digital radiology, fluoroscopy, MRIs, nuclear medical exams, and ultrasound.
  • Food Processing - Lewis County is home to major food processing companies as well as niche agricultural farms. National Frozen Foods pioneered the process to freeze and store vegetables in the 1920s. Today they run a highly automated system using robotics to process and package food. Callisons Inc. is the largest mint oil processor in the world with products in oral care, confectionaries, and gum. Darigold produces dry milks and supplies them throughout the world.
  • Glass, Plastics & Chemicals - Two major highways and four major railroads make us a competitive location for manufacturing. We have companies that produce float glass, tempered glass (for solar panels), plastic piping, netting, and specialized composites. In addition, Lewis County is home to companies that produce chemicals for power plant operations as well as companies that recycle carbon fiber and soda ash.
  • Telecommunications - We have a major north-south fiber link with multiple fiber lines that are available for access on a wholesale level. We are also served by various ISP’s and wireless carriers. Toledo Tel is a local ISP that offers phone and data services. Lewis County is ideal for technology startups. We have a number of computer and technology based companies that have found their location to be one that they operate competitively.
  • Wood Products - Lewis County is located in the wood basket and is one of the largest timber producing counties in the Northwest. Our largest wood manufacturers are Cascade Hardwoods, Northwest Hardwoods, and Hardel Mutual Plywood. Our wood products include douglas fir, hemlock, maple, and alder.


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