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Indiana’s Technology Corridor
Contact: Jody Hamilton
337 Columbia St
Lafayette, IN 47902
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Connecting Innovation & Application: Welcome to Indiana’s Technology Corridor

Amazing things happen in places where the education and business communities join forces. The global economy has been propelled by areas like Silicon Valley, where radically new concepts are transformed into practical everyday uses.

That’s what you’ll find in Indiana’s Technology Corridor. Centered upon the advanced technology being created in labs at Purdue University and Indiana University, powered by highly skilled training from Ivy Tech Community College, and inspired by a long tradition of individual initiative, this region is shaping the nation’s future.

Incorporating nine counties — Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, Warren, and White — Indiana’s Technology Corridor combines leading- edge research and innovation with an enduring entrepreneurial spirit, abundant natural resources, and a surprising variety of lifestyles.

The result is fertile ground for growing companies with a strong focus on tomorrow. If that includes your company, you owe it to yourself to join us here.

A business climate that fosters success

When industrialist John Purdue donated the acreage for the land grant university that would bear his name, he wanted a focus on practical knowledge. No surprise, given that the people who settled the nine counties of Indiana’s Technology Corridor transformed wild prairie into some of America’s most productive cropland and industrial facilities. They eagerly applied new ideas to an unwavering work ethic and took quiet pride in their success.

That spirit grew into a business climate that encourages and recognizes the value of working harder — and working smarter. The proximity of Purdue University’s College of Science, College of Technology, and College of Engineering, and Indiana University’s School of Medical makes the area a convenient testing ground for innovative technologies, and Ivy Tech Community College ensured a steady supply of well-educated and well-trained workers by delivering practical, business-focused courses.

You’ll see that same understanding in local governments that recognize the value of a healthy, growing business community, and focus on paving the way for companies that want to succeed. And you’ll feel it in local residents who are proud to be part of bringing that success to life.

The ideal home for today’s most innovative industries

The combination of leading-edge research, well-educated residents, business-friendly officials, and a friendly commercial community makes Indiana’s Technology Corridor the natural choice for companies interested in moving their industries ahead.

Thanks to the research resources of Purdue University including the Purdue Research Park, one of the nation’s leading university research parks, and the Indiana University School of Medicine, a strong spirit of innovation flows throughout the area, creating the ideal environment for companies in four key industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Value-Added Agriculture, Bio-Medical/Life Sciences, and Renewable Energy.

If your company is in one of those fields (or closely allied to it), we offer the people and resources you need to thrive.


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