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Hereford Economic Development Corporation
Contact: Michael Kitten
701 N Main St
Hereford, TX 79045

Phone: 806-364-0613

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Hereford Mothers Park PicAbout Hereford

Hereford and Deaf Smith County have all the essentials that go together to make up a prosperous and progressive center for business and industry in the great Panhandle of Texas. To those who call the Panhandle home, there is no better place to live.

Hereford is number one in the world in beef production. We are number four in Texas in dairy production. A solid agricultural backbone flanks a growing industrial environment. From ethanol production to industrial millwrights, Hereford has what it takes for economic growth.

Hereford Economic Development Corp. is proud and eager to help with retention and growth of existing businesses and addition of new industry.


Deaf Smith County is located in the southwestern Texas Panhandle, encompassing 1,497 square miles. Hereford is the county seat with a population of 15,370 and the overall county population is 19,372. Nearby metropolitan cities are Amarillo (50 miles to the northeast) and Lubbock (90 miles to the southeast). Atop the historic Llano Estacado, the average elevation for the area is 3,806 feet.

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Rooted in Progress…Positioned for the Future

Bring your business to Hereford, Texas, and you'll find a community that is positioned for the future while retaining the solid values and ethics of the past. Preserving the traditions of the Texas pioneers, Hereford nurtures the independent spirit and rugged individualism that will make businesses and communities successful into the next century.

Hereford and Deaf Smith County have a number of inducements potentially available for an industry that selects Hereford, ranging from employee selection and training to negotiated utility rates. Deaf Smith County has a vigorous agricultural economy consistently ranking among the top counties in the state in total cash receipts from livestock and crops.

Incentives that make it very attractive for new businesses to choose Hereford include:

  • Located in the heart of the nation and the largest cattle feeding area
  • Excellent transportation system
  • Land and building incentives include build and lease-back arrangements
  • Tax abatements
  • Enterprise zone

Hereford PicBusinesses in the Hereford area pull from a large labor pool of 200,000 people who reside within the commuting area. This labor force is low cost and ranges in skill levels from basic to professional. The wage scale is well below the national average and labor relations are good, allowing nearly all companies to remain nonunion. Hereford is pro-business! The tax rate is low, utilities inexpensive and there is no state income tax. Texas is also a right to work state.

Hereford is served by two major highways, US Highway 60 (East/West – divided four lanes from Amarillo) and US Highway 385 (North/South two lane). Hereford is located on the main trans-con rail line of the BNSF, which is the main route from Chicago to Los Angeles. All major freight carriers make Hereford a daily visit.

In Hereford, the people are progressive and forward-looking, but have firm roots in the strong traditions of the past. An excellent school system, well-attended churches, and family-centered lifestyles all provide a nurturing atmosphere for the people of the community. Citizens are known for enthusiasm and dedication to their community and their lives.


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