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Greenlee County Economic Development
Contact: Akos Kovach
253 5th St, Ste. 208
Clifton, AZ 85533
Phone: 928-865-2072

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Greenlee County is located in the southeastern part of the Arizona. Greenlee County is perhaps the oldest continuous mining region in Arizona, with major activity reaching back to 1856. The first copper mining took place in the 1870s, with the organization of the Longfellow Copper Company (later the Arizona Copper Company) and the Detroit Copper Company.

Hence, the economy of Greenlee County is largely dominated by the Morenci Mine, the largest copper mining operation in North America, and one of the largest copper mines in the world. The Morenci Mine mined more than 1 billion pounds of the red metal in 2015.

Besides the Copper Mines of the Clifton-Morenci-Metcalf area, there are mines in the Duncan District of the Gila Valley. Precious metals have been produced at Ash Peak and from the mines in the mountains east of Duncan. Duncan is considered a farming and ranching area. Ranching on Blue River, Eagle Creek, and the "Frisco" River has added to the County economy since the 1870's. One of the three largest cattle company to operate in Arizona was the Double Circle with ranch headquarters on Eagle Creek.


Greenlee County is home to world class outdoor recreation including: hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, boating, sports tourism, entertainment, rodeos, music and all-around family fun.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
Restful, solitude with excellent camping, fishing (trout and catfish), and hunting (mule and white tail deer, turkey and elk and bear) on the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. The altitude ranges from 6,700 to 8,700 feet. Drive the scenic trail (U.S. 666) blazed by Coronado in 1540. Stay at the Lodge at Hannagan's Meadow. Back pack into the Blue Range Primitive Area. (Ask for the Office of Tourism's Recreation map of the area.)

Coronado Trail
The Coronado Trail follows essentially the same path the Spanish conquistadors traveled in search of the Seven Cities of Gold. The road winds approximately ninety miles from 3,500 feet to 9,300 feet. The majestic vastness here is still as untamed as it was in Coronado's day. If his search for gold was fruitless, it was rich in scenic splendor. The varied landscape of Greenlee County has two basic climatic zones: the desert basin and range lowlands in the southern half, where mesquite grass, yucca, creosote and salt bush grows; and the wooded highlands and mountains in the north, a land of yellow pine, douglas fir, alpine flowers, bear, mountain lion, wild turkey, elk, and other wildlife.

Fishing / Hiking / Hunting
For the fisherman, hunter, and hiker the value of the area is quickly apparent. Fish in one of the several rivers and creeks that yield a variety of trout and catfish, these rivers provide many recreational opportunities. Black River has rainbow trout and Arizona rainbow trout, trout and catfish can be found in Eagle Creek, rainbow trout can be found in the Blue River. Many find pleasure fishing for catfish in the Gila River and San Francisco River. There are excellent dove and quail hunting in the Duncan Valley. Mule and white tail deer, turkey and bear can be found in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest.

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