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Chickasha EDC
Contact: Christy Elkins
USAO Campus –
Canning Hall, First Floor
1727 W. Alabama Ave
Chickasha, OK 73573
Phone: 405-574-3477



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Welcome to Chickasha, Oklahoma

Located a short 35-minute drive down I-44 from Oklahoma City, Chickasha, Oklahoma offers businesses everything they need to relocate or expand. With a low cost of living and well-educated workforce, Chickasha attracts some America's finest professionals. Easy interstate access, international airports nearby and a fully updated technological infrastructure make Chickasha the perfect place for your business.

Oh... and did we mention the dozens of cash incentives and tax credits that might be available to you when you move your business here?

Doing Business

Doing business in Chickasha is all about your success.
Not only does Chickasha have an amazing workforce and a business friendly climate, but we have lots of financial incentives that we have gathered to assist you in relocating to or expanding in Chickasha.

The Chickasha Economic Development Council is here to help you find all the resources you need. We have programs to help your business from start-up to expansion.

From extraordinary workforce training resources to an incredibly perfect location, Chickasha is the perfect place to locate your business..

Here is a list of reasons businesses chose Chickasha as their most recent home:

  • An educated population 
    Almost 25% of our workers have some college education with a large percentage that have an advanced degree.

  • Great weather
    Chickasha has great weather. Very little snow, enough rain to keep things green and lots of sun to power the people and the industries.

  • Great healthcare facilities
    Chickasha has a hospital, several clinics and lots of doctors who can help you with anything you need.
  • A retail boom 
    There have been lots of great businesses that have opened shop here in Chickasha in the last ten years. Walmart, Subway, and dozens of locally owned businesses have created a vibrant and growing retail segment.
  • Proximity to transportation hubs 
    Chickasha is located at the junction of 2 major interstates with 8 more interstates and 10 state highways within 30 miles. Will Rogers World Airport is only 35 minutes away.

  • Tons of business relocation and expansion incentives
    Chickasha sponsors and has gathered
    dozens of incentives for businesses that choose to relocate, expand or open in Chickasha.
  • Rural real estate prices 
    Despite the fact that we are only 40 minutes from Oklahoma City, real estate prices in Chickasha are reasonable and easy to finance.
Living Here

Living here is better than living anywhere else.

Chickasha has everything that you and your employees will want or need to love where you live.
We have great schools, an awesome climate and lots of things to do. From church picnics to festivals, plays to playgrounds, Chickasha is the perfect place for a family. Within town and several colleges within only a short drive, Chickasha offers everyone the opportunity to learn more and more forward in their careers.

Chickasha has all the retail and amenities that you and your family will need to be happy. With several major stores and lots of great locally owned businesses, there is a lot of shopping to do. And because the cost of living is low, there will be lots of money left over for a shopping.

Come to Chickasha and take a look at how great everything is. We'll see you here.


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