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Canton Economic Development Corporation
Contact: Julie Seymore
119 N Buffalo St
Canton, TX 75103
Phone: 903-567-1851


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About Canton

Canton, Texas…home to one of the top tourist attractions in the state – First Monday Trade Days – with an estimated 2 million visitors a year, according to a study completed in 2010 by Dr. Ray Perryman. First Monday Trade Days truly is the Largest Retail Incubator in the state of Texas, where entrepreneurs can fulfill their dream of having their own unique business. However, Canton’s Economic Development board exists to promote all areas of Canton’s economy, from commercial business and industrial development to Heritage and Nature Tourism.

Canton is a unique community in that is poised for growth. Canton offers great opportunities for your business – particularly in light manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse/distribution. Canton offers an expanding retail and services market, available labor force, and an unsurpassed quality of life. Explore our community and discover why Canton is the perfect place for you to Work, Play and Live! Please visit our official Canton Visitors web site at www.visitcantontx.com to learn more.


Canton is advantageously located in Northeast Texas along Interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 19 & 64. Historic Downtown Canton is an easy 60-minute commute to Downtown Dallas. Canton has become a popular destination for weekend getaways as well as permanent residence from our urban neighbors.

Why Canton?

  • Direct Incentives - http://www.cantontxedc.com/incentives
  • Transportation – direct access to Interstate 20 and 4 state Highways, quick access to US 80
  • Available technology
  • Business Park, Buildings, Available Land - http://www.cantontxedc.com/available-properties
  • Ready retail and service locations
  • Pro-growth and responsive permitting department
  • Labor shed of over 200,000 within a 30-minute drive
  • Low taxes
  • Outstanding quality of life


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