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Beaufort County EDC
Contact: Martyn Johnson
705 Page Rd
Washington, NC 27889
Phone: 252-946-3970


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Beaufort County was founded in 1712 and is located in the coastal plain of North Carolina. Our climate is typical of the mid-Atlantic region with an average annual temperature of 58˚ and 211 sunny days per year.

Beaufort County has a bustling economy and remains a strong center for manufacturing ranging from world class power boats to automobile bodies. In addition, Beaufort County is home to major mining operations, near Aurora, that are responsible for production of a large amount of the phosphoric acid commonly used in soft drinks and other beverages.


Over 25% of the industry in Beaufort County is engaged in manufacturing activities, making job opportunities lucrative for a wide range of potential employees. The surrounding counties are home to other manufacturing, including biomedical, textile, paper, and lumber plants as well as the state-of-the-art medical facilities located in nearby Pitt County.

Tourism is rapidly growing as families and retirees discover the natural beauty and luxury of the Beaufort County waterfront. With multiple boat access and a scenic waterway view, downtown Washington, NC offers a great site for tourism in the heart of Beaufort County.

The Pamlico River provides a scenic crossway to the county, giving residents and visitors the chance to explore boating, kayaking, fishing, and other recreational activities along the creeks and streams connected to the Pamlico River. It is difficult to estimate revenues from growing recreational and tourist influx to Beaufort County, but it is certain that these factors play a vital role in maintaining the Beaufort County economy and contributing to the community’s way of life.

Beaufort County is an excellent area in which to locate or expand your business operation. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance in answering any questions you may have or providing any information which is not addressed on our website. Thank you for considering Beaufort County and we look forward to welcoming your business to our area!


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